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When you think of a roof, chances are you see shingles. There are many reasons why so many homeowners and property managers choose them for their new roofs. Shingles come in so many colors, styles, and textures. They can last for 20 to 30 years, even in Florida’s ever-changing climate. With over 20 years of experience roofing from Tampa to Orlando, we can help you explore those options and feel confident in your roofing choices.

Update Your Look

Feel great about how your property looks with new shingles.

Leak Protection You Can Trust

Stop property damage with quality shingles and trusted installation.

Save Money & Time

Don’t overspend. Shingles are less expensive and faster than others.

Secure Your Home

Have confidence that your home and property are protected.

Feel informed and confident in your shingle and installation choices. We’ll answer any questions and keep helping you explore options until you find the one that was meant for you. With various price points and a variety of options for color, texture, and style, we can help you find the perfect shingles for your roofing or reroofing project. You don’t get a new roof every day, so having so many options can feel overwhelming. 

Our 3-Step Shingle Roofing Process

After assessing your roof’s slope, style, and waterproofing needs, we narrow your options to the handful we think you’ll love. Make your choice and we’ll type up your quote.

A crew will come to your location and install the new shingles. You don’t even have to be home for installation. Most installations can be completed in a day. And you come home to a brand new roof!

Our lead roofer thoroughly inspects your roof to ensure it meets our high standards. Then you get a written guarantee on parts and installation.

Make roofing decisions and get your quote

Most projects take only a day and done

After inspection, get a written guarantee

You don’t have to live with a roof that’s letting you down. Water damage is expensive. Our experienced experts can help you explore the best roofing repair or replacement options for Central Florida.

The Benefits of Shingle Roofing

Feel confident in your home's roof protection when you choose shingle roofing