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Stop Flat Roof Problems Before They Start

You want comfort knowing that your flat roof will protect what’s inside. But your flat-roofed home or commercial building requires special care. Poor drainage, Florida sun damage, extreme weather, wrong materials use, and less-than-expert installation can put your property, equipment inventory, tenants, and customers at risk. 

We understand the protection your roof represents. With over 20 years of experience installing commercial roofing, you can trust we’ll combine the right products with expert installation skills to ensure your flat roof continues to deliver even with Florida’s ever-changing climate

Keep Your Roof Looking Great

Have your roof looking great year-round with the right products.

Protect Your Building

Prevent leaks with expert installation and flat roof maintenance.

Enjoy Peace of Mind

Our expert commercial roofers know flat roof protection.

Get the Right Products

TPO or Modified Bitumen for a flat roof that lasts

We use a great product called modified bitumen to protect and seal flat and low-slope roofs. This mixture of asphalt, rubber, and fiberglass is durable and completely waterproof when installed by experts. We also work with TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin) for some applications. Whether you’re protecting your company’s inventory and equipment or you need to stop that leak over your home’s garage, TPO & Modified Bitumen provides excellent flat roof solutions.

Our 3-Step Flat Roofing Process

We take time to thoroughly inspect your flat roof to understand its durability, usage, waterproofing, weatherproofing, and drainage needs. Feel confident in your flat roofing decisions by getting your questions answered by experienced experts. We then provide a quote.

Our crew will use TPO or modified bitumen to replace or install your roof. We will carefully inspect the new roofing material and installations to ensure it will get the job done and provide a written guarantee on our work.

Questions answered with up-front pricing you can trust

Typically takes two to three days to install your new roof

High-quality standards and provide written guarantees

Stop having to worry about leaks because you have a flat roof. With the right installation and care, a flat roof can deliver building protection for 20 to 30 years with care and maintenance

Benefits of TPO & Modified Bitumen

Flat roofs need proper protection. TPO & Modified Bitumen deliver these important benefits.